every one i hope u have a grait easter










goldy lox and the three bears

i like this book becouse it is awesome

When it was ahtedics room 10 did high jump that was my faverit thing at athledics i dont know why it is my faverit of all of those things

what i did was lye in bed for three days i played on my tablet i went shoping in the weekend i bawt suger free lolies i had to going shoping in a blaket.

click hereto give it a try.

Most Memarible Moment In X Country
By Mohammed And Ethan n.

On Wednesday 30th October Room 10 went to X country. All the classes in the school came to the X country.The first to race was Year 2, 3, 4, 5 and Year 6. Mohemmed came 5th but last year he came second to last. It was not cool but the cross country was awesome. so,so awesome and aiden came 7th.And jake came 10th and Ethan n came 9th I like X country it is my favrat thing to do is run and sprint and jog it is so cool.

t’s good :)

ethan n

In the weekent i played on my computer the game. i played was a raceing game and a shooting game .then i went on my wiki and played a game kalled snow line.

zac pawer

i recamend thes book 10/10

and i recamend this book for 9 or ten years

this book is about zac going to do a secorit miseon at bladesvil end stopping toxic gas

Cool stuff!

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time that would be cool to write about? minecraft mr bean

What places have you visited recently that you might like to write about? auntys house

What stuff have you done, or are you "in to" that you might like to write about? games psp

What topics interest you the most? games minecraft

Star 3

Maths Stage

Reading Comp

Replacing words with new interesting.
Check that sentences are in order.
Check spelling.
Check punctuation.
Adding new words : feelings adjectives, precise.
Read it out loud.

why is hexxit so popuer? becouse mostly everyone likes it so much
why is minecraft on xbox ? becouse the peple thingk it is best to have it on it

On June 4, 2013 Microsoft released the first retail disc of Minecraft Xbox 360 edition with a free gold membership. It costs $19.99, the same price as the Xbox Arcade Version. The game otherwise is identical to the downloadable version. Features such as buying or downloading on Xbox Live are the same for both versions and they both update at the same time. It was released in regions or countries supported by Xbox Live.

this was coppied


i hope i could see the lego muvie and everything is awesome i have seen the ades and everythng i hope that they put it on youtube please i hope aaahhhhhh

  • Yesterday, a plumber (come)to our house.
  • He (wanted)to repair our washing machine that(broke
    down a few days before.
  • Before he (nocked)at my door, he(looked)for a parking space for about ten minutes.
  • While the plumber (repaired )the washing machine, I(watched)the news.
  • Suddenly, I (realiseed)that they(showed)our street on TV.
  • The reporter (sayed)that a car(crashed)into a stop sign just before reaching the crossroads.
  • While I (listened)carefully to what(happened), someone(knocked)at my door.
  • I (opened)the door and(saw)a police officer standing there.
  • He (asked) for the plumber.
  • As it (turned)out, it(went)our plumber’s car that(rolled)down the street.
  • In his haste, the plumber (forgot)to set the handbrake.

Yesterday I made an art product or a playdo spaceship thing well you know what I mean and mrs Jorden was in the classroom for three days becouse Mr Perigo was doing meetings all day and we where makeing playdo stuff me and philip where trying to make a spaceship well it didend go so well on the idea of the spaceship I wish it go so well. When me and philip when we made it